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Car Safety Hammer Keychain

Car Safety Hammer Keychain

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 Portable Emergency Escape Tool

  • 2-in-1 Car Escape Tool: A compact and versatile emergency device designed for car safety and escape situations.
  • Safety Belt Cutter: Equipped with a built-in cutter designed to slice through seat belts in case of entrapment, enabling quick and safe escape.
  • Emergency Key Chain: Conveniently sized to be carried on a keychain, ensuring easy access whenever needed.
  • Metal Safety Hammer: Features a sturdy metal hammer tip capable of breaking car windows in emergencies, such as submersion or entrapment.
  • Mini Fire Hammer: Doubles as a mini fire hammer, making it useful for breaking glass or windows in fire-related situations.
  • Life-saving Tool: Designed to provide a swift and effective means of escaping a vehicle during accidents or emergencies.
  • Car Emergency Escape Device: A must-have addition to your car's safety kit, providing peace of mind for both drivers and passengers.
  • Window Breaker: The hammer tip is engineered for maximum impact force, ensuring reliable window-breaking capability.

2 In 1 Safety Belt Cutter Emergency Key Chain Car Escape Tool Metal Safety Hammer Mini Fire Hammer Life-saving Hammer

The Car Safety Hammer Keychain is the perfect 2-in-1 rescue tool to keep with you at all times. In case of emergency, the blade can be used to remove the seat belt and break the window. With the metal Car Break Hammer, you can shatter the window of your car in an emergency situation. The Car Safety Hammer Keychain is easy to carry, making it the perfect gadget to have in any situation.

Material: ABS + Alloy
Size: 7.5*3.5cm

Package included:
1* Car Safety Hammer

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