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The Convertible Duffle Garment Bag

The Convertible Duffle Garment Bag

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🌟Ample Storage

🌟Wrinkle-Free Travel

🌟Separate Functional Zones

🌟Fashionable Appearance

🌟User-friendly Design



Ample Storage- Detail Showing:

Capacity: 48 litres, our duffel bag offers plenty of space for your essential travel items. With room for 3-4 days worth of clothing, this duffel bag meets the travelling needs of most men.


Wrinkle-Free Travel- Detail Showing:

Say goodbye to wrinkled clothes! Our innovative hanging design ensures that your clothes, especially formal wear such as suits, will not wrinkle while travelling. Perfect for business trips, weddings, holidays and more.

Separate functional zones- Detail showing

Multiple independent pockets, easy to pack your shoes, toiletries, electronic devices and many other small items, independent storage, to prevent breakage due to collision. 

Fashionable appearance- Detail showing

The body of the bag is made of canvas or leather, and the overall shape is fashionable and atmospheric. The colour is low-key and calm, which can accompany you to any occasion. 

User-friendly design- Detail showing

Made of high quality fabric, waterproof and dustproof, durable, special shoe box design for separating dirty cloths and shoes. Soft padding on the adjustable shoulder straps can reduce shoulder pressure.



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