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Makeup Brush Cleaner

Makeup Brush Cleaner

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Wave Goodbye to Manual Scrubbing

🦠Keep Skin Clear: Our electric cleaner removes bacteria, dirt, and old makeup residue, preventing acne and promoting healthier skin.

⏱️Save Time: Our automated electric brush cleaners drastically reduce cleaning time, perfect for makeup artists or those with large brush collections.

🖌️Gentle on Bristles: Our electric brush cleaner is crafted with soft materials to prevent bristle damage. Controlled rotation or vibration guarantees a gentle yet effective cleaning process.

Quick and Easy Cleaning Steps:
1️⃣ Water: Fill the cleaner with lukewarm water up to the fill line.
2️⃣ Cleanser: Add a few drops of brush cleanser or gentle soap into the water.
3️⃣ Secure & Go: Place lid with brushes securely back on, press power button, and let the cleaner work its magic.
4️⃣ Flawless Finish: After cleaning, turn off device and open lid to reveal freshly cleaned brushes, ready for use!

Cleaner Blenders & Brushes, Healthier Skin!
With our Makeup Brush Cleaner, simply add cleanser to the water mixture to remove 7x more bacteria than handwashing alone. Safeguard your skin and enjoy a glowing, acne-free complexion with every use. Make the smart choice for your beauty routine today.

The Ultimate Choice for You!
Tired of wasting time washing brushes? Gone!
Fed up with buying new brushes due to damaged bristles? Gone!
With our Makeup Brush Cleaner, save time, money, and effort every time you wear makeup, giving you more time for what you love.

Package included: 1*eletric makeup brush cleaner, 1*usb charging cable, 1*user manual.
Voltage: 5V
Rated power: 8W
Rated current: 1.5A
Working mode: 5V inline
Material: ABS PC TPE
Speed: 7000 rpm

"flairgold" automatic makeup brush cleaner - effortless beauty

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