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Flash LED HeadLamp,COB230° Wide Beam Headlamps

Flash LED HeadLamp,COB230° Wide Beam Headlamps

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Light Up Your Entire Surroundings!

Light up your world with the Light LED Headband! 🌟💡 Whether you're going for a night run, exploring a dark trail, or just want to add some extra pizzazz to your outfit, this headband has got you covered. With its vibrant, customizable LED lights, you'll shine brighter than a shooting star! ✨🌙 Plus, the adjustable design ensures a comfortable fit for all head sizes. So get ready to turn heads and light up the night with the Light LED Headband!



With other flashlights you need to physically come in contact with an on/off switch, that can be very messing especially after a dirty hands activity. the hands free on/off sensor switch on the FLASH X prevents making a mess all over the headlamp after a dirty hand activity like mechanic work.

No flashlight buddy around or struggling to place a flashlight exactly where you need it? no problem, with FLASH X headlamp your able to light yourself up exactly where you need it! with its 230 degree of illumination. 

Long Battery LifeExplore/work for longer with a battery life of up to 8 hours!

Powerful side beam and 5 lighting modes:Powered by XPE LED that delivers powerful light coverage up to 300ft in distance. Plus 5 lighting modes including flashlight and 4 brightness options.


Adjustable headband for any size noggin:Fits perfectly on any helmet or head, big or small. The adjustable headband makes it's snug, secure and stays in place no matter what you get up to in the dark.



Say Goodbye To“bouncy” headlamps!

Tired of headlamps that bump and bounce, stick out, knock into things, or send a cone of light into the distance but not near your feet or to your side? It offers a powerful no-bounce design and side light for distance viewing. It’s the headlamp that lights up your life!

1 X Headlamp,1 X Silicone strap,1 X USB type c charger (other items displayed in pictures not included)
  • First Mode: COB High Brightness: 350 lumens, illumination time 2.5~3 hours
  • Second Mode: COB Low Brightness: 120 lumens, illumination time 3.5~4 hours
  • Third Mode: XPE High Brightness: 120 lumens, illumination time 4~4.5 hours
  • Fourth Mode: XPE Low Brightness: 45 lumens, illumination time 6~6.5 hours
  • Fifth Mode:Flashing
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