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Data Charging | Bracelet™

Data Charging | Bracelet™

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Our Charging Bracelet™ is designed specifically to look good whilst keeping your phone fully charged!

Why choose us? Our on-the-go charger has a sleek look, making it easy for you to carry around and ensuring your phone never dies.

Our Bracelets also come with rapid charging technology to save you valuable time.

Why you need  Charging Bracelet™:

- Long Lasting: High quality braided band
 -One size fits all: Our design ensures only one size is needed for all.
- Weightless: One Bracelets only weigh 54G, making it easy to carry around comfortably
Introducing the Data Charging Bracelet™ Cord for iPhones. Keep your iPhone charged up without having to worry about carrying around extra cords or cables! 
This innovative IT accessory is perfect for everyday use and convenience, providing dependable charging performance no matter where you go. The bracelet is made of durable nylon, the cable end plugs are reinforced with TPE, giving you maximum durability and better flex fatigue.
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