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Baby Montessori Toy

Baby Montessori Toy

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Let your baby be more peaceful during teething, allied to Montessori development

The pain of the first teeth hurts even the parents, the search for making this stage more peaceful is great. The Montessori 3-in-1 Toy is ideal for this moment, made of soft material, stimulates the bite, becoming the best friend of your child.

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Awaken the best in your baby

More than a teething toy, the design based on the Montessori methodology provides a discovery experience for the little ones. Different types of ropes to pull from one side to the other, allowing to feel vibrations. Various textures, colors, and interactive buttons.

  • Experience with colors

           Quality material with vibrant colors.

  • Experience with textures

           Highly sensory.

  • Experience with vibrations

           Each rope provides a type of vibration.

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